Hospital Chowk, Biratnagar, Nepal

Success Stories

Prakash kadel (32 y.o.)

I was quite pleased with the level of service and care I got at Golden Hospital. Everything about it was ideal. The nurses were extremely kind and competent, and the doctors were on time and exact. The operations at Golden Hospital are a great model for Nepalese hospitals to follow. I sincerely appreciate it.

Mahesh Acharya (37 y.o.)

I needed emergency medical care while vacationing in Biratnagar, so I was rushed to Golden Hospital. The entire process—from transportation through the initial evaluation and treatment—was quite satisfying. The medical professionals—doctors, nurses, and support staff—were all very professional, thorough, accommodating, and pleasant. My stay was brief and my health was restored because of the treatment I received. I wholeheartedly endorse Golden Hospital.

Ram Khatiwoda (28 y.o.)

I got sick in the mountains and was taken to the Golden Hospital. My confidence in the team here has been quite high from the minute I came. My ailment was accurately diagnosed, and I received the best care anywhere because of the medical staff's high caliber. Additionally, the nursing and housekeeping personnel could not have taken care of me any better than they did just now. There is no better hospital in Nepal than the Golden, which I wholeheartedly recommend.

Puja Roy (31 y.o.)

I am incredibly appreciative of the hospital staff's medical assistance, humanity, and kind care during a very trying time in my life. The level of professionalism among surgeons, resuscitation centre employees, physiotherapists, and nurses is extremely high. I was surrounded by concern and attention. I received thorough explanations of all the recommended treatments and procedures. This combination of knowledge and consideration for the patient's needs is very trustworthy. I'm incredibly appreciative. Actually, you helped me return to my children and family and saved my life.